Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unusual Fossil

Sometimes being a packrat is rewarding. I've finally been unpacking some boxes from when we moved into our house seven years ago, and what treasures I've rediscovered!

Back in the pre-momma days we liked to go rock and fossil hunting. The local area has many places where fossils are easily found if you know where to look. I had completely forgotten about this particular kind that we'd found at least 15 years ago.

What does it look like to you?

My best guess for its identity is some kind of Stromatoporoid, but a Google search for "vulva-like fossil" doesn't yield much. You'd think such a curious thing would be a big Google hit, or at least I would think that. ;-)

Well, if any geologists or other experts know for certain what this fossil is then please do leave a comment to let me know. Thanks!

Oh, and isn't Nature fascinating? Who would have thought that the vulva form could be hundreds of millions of years old? ;-) And the shaman in me wants to think that this fossil is a very powerful talisman...

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mr_g said...

I think it's actually an ancient brachiapod, or bivalve from the 'phylum labiaphorata'. It was known to early mariners as the "Beardless Clam", and was a prized possession of a small number of sailors lucky enough to bring one home with them.