Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Redneck Heaven

Fifty Hoe Points for the person who identifies the most Redneck Icons in the above photo. ;-)

Well, it really is like Heaven on Earth for me to have this pool in the backyard. The other night I went skinny dipping in it for the first time, and wow, it was so sensual. It was the first time I've been totally comfortable swimming nude, probably since it was in my own pool and there were no worries about getting 'caught.' Besides it's very dark without the lights and no one would have seen me anyway.

After swimming daily for a couple of weeks I'm even feeling more fit. Maybe not looking more fit yet, but that's not my main concern. Hey, I wonder if we could get a tax deduction for building an Employee Fitness Facility? I am on the payroll after all. I bet big corporations get to deduct their fitness facilities. And the pool cost about a third more than our total taxes last year. It seems fair to be able to deduct the difference from this year's taxes, but we all know the taxes aren't quite fair. I might have to look into that anyway. ;-)

It seems pertinent for me to point out that getting to this Heaven has taken a long time. Good things come to those who wait, and all that. Even Snoop Dogg knows that taking it slow is a very effective way of building appreciation and excitement (though there is such a thing as too slow):

Sorry, now I seem to have lost my closing thoughts. Maybe I just need to go skinny dipping again. ;-)


mr_g said...

OK, let' see how many this ol' Jew can spot:

1. RV
2. Pool slide
3. Tractor/lawn mower thingy
4. Carport for tractor/lawn mower thingy
5. Something in the pool resembling a small motor-craft.
6. Pink sandals or flip flops (hard to tell)
7. Colorful dancing bears - oh, wait, that was in my head...

Rae Ann said...

Pretty good! I'm not sure what your #5 is, unless it's the automatic pool vacuum (Polaris) or the boombox in the foreground. You can't really tell in the photo but the garage in the background has no siding yet, just Tyvek wrap. Thanks for playing! I guess you'll get the 50 points since no one else has even tried. ;-)

mr_g said...

Woo-hoo, I win. Though to be fair I did grow up in a very white trash part of Orange County, so I have an advantage over the stereotypical Jews who come from money... ;-)

And I think #5 is the pool vac, and I couldn't see the Tyvek or I woulda called it!