Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Comic Relief

It's all the Curse of the (Dead) Black Widow In the Jar, at least according to my husband's jokes. Spider Karma or something.

I heard a funny joke about a sperm being the most intelligent cell in a woman's body. Of course, a feminist would say it's the egg since it's the one that chooses which sperm to let in. ;-) But I also thought it could be a come-on: "Hey, baby, I need an intelligence injection..."

Oh, and in response to Earth Day, I think we "climate realists" should start celebrating an annual Carbon Dioxide Day.

I keep thinking of things to write but can't get to the computer before deciding that it's not that interesting anyway, or just plain forgetting what it was, which means it really wasn't that interesting after all. ;-)

Real life has been intense, heavy, and difficult over the last several months. When that happens I sometimes turn to frivolous things to help lighten things up. I've really gotten into watching all these reality shows on Bravo. First it was Project Runway, but it ended so then I started watching Top Chef. It's pretty interesting, but surprisingly I've gotten pretty engrossed the The Real Housewives of NYC. Well, it's just funny and interesting to watch people who are so different from me. They aren't what I'd consider "real" housewives in the same sense that I am, but maybe I'm more a homemaker than a housewife. Not that it matters anyway. It's just for comic relief.

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