Friday, September 07, 2007

Singular Thoughts

Here are some thoughts that I can't or won't elaborate (at the moment):

Sometimes I consider that my cyclical haunting (hormonal shifts) might be manifested in some other dimension or universe as a poltergeist, or maybe even a demon.

I am a jealous god.

I cannot coexist with toxic people and that is why I'm reclusive.

It is natural and expected that we, as products of our Universe, would have a large percentage of ourselves that is "dark" (unknown and unidentifiable).

For any theory (of physics or anything else) to be true it must be consistent with my existence, and that is the Rae Annthropic Principle. ;-)

I think the correct answer is 4. Three is nice, but the Trinity is powerless without the observer to see any movement, and if there is no movement it doesn't really matter anyway.

In school, I always faked being good at math.

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