Friday, September 07, 2007

Led For Your Head

Bonzo's Montreux.

John Bonham, the drummer of Led Zeppelin, who died at the age of 32 due to alcoholism (suffocated on his own vomit after drinking excessively all day), was arguably the greatest rock drummer ever. It's so sad that such a talent didn't respect himself enough to take better care himself. I don't know much about drumming and percussion, but it does amaze me listening to this song that someone could hold so many different rhythms in his head at the same time. And could reproduce them on the drums. At the same time.

Well, my eleven year old made percussion in the school band. Thirty-six kids tried out for drums, but only eight were selected. He's very musically talented and could have played any instrument he wanted, but like many young boys he really digs the drums. ;-)

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