Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prostitute Killed In Hoe Attack

(via Tayster)

Wow, the world really must be about to end. A hoe has been implicated in the murder of a transvestite prostitute in California.

I have to say that hoes are just not well-suited for violence and especially not murder. What a mess it must have been! Yuck!

I think that hoe must have been part pitch fork or something. Most hoes are quite peaceful and kind. This is such shocking news.


rafa said...

Dear Rae Ann

There's even an International Championship on Hoe Throw

see this

Pics. are funny!

BTW the winner was a dutchman :-)
Hopefully we'll see the hoe in the olympics rather than in the crime news ;-)


Rae Ann said...

Hi Rafa! Wow! You always have some really fun information. I had no idea of this, and it's hilarious that they have to throw the hoe between their legs. LOL Thanks so much! Have a good weekend.