Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chimerical Mail Time

Dear Rae Ann,

Don't you think you're being hypocritical to accuse William Oefelein of playing a "wicked game" when you are guilty of flirting with men online?

The Flirtation Police

Dear Flirtation Police,

Well, that's alltogether different because I don't know any of them in "real life". And I have it from a reliable source that the "e-world" is most definitely not the same as the "real world." Besides, Oefelein seemed to be involved in a simple, ordinary Euclidean love triangle, but I have no desire for such a thing as that. Oh, no. I would require something more like a very complex and multidimensional love Calabi-Yau manifold. ;-)

Rae Ann

Hi Rae Ann,

How in the world did you get all mixed up with a bunch of scientists, especially physicists?

Curious but not Britney Spears

Hi Curious but not Britney Spears,

I hope you are wearing underwear. ;-) To be totally honest, and I promise I'm not saying this just because everyone involved in the Scooter Libby trial is saying it, I don't remember. Really, I don't. What I do recall is that at some point in 2005 I stumbled upon CapitalistImperialistPig's blog. I can't remember if I got there by clicking "next blog" while browsing, or if his blog was listed on the Blogger Dashboard as "recently updated", or if I got there in some other way. But I'm not completely certain that was the true introduction into the physics blogosphere because it seems I had somehow stumbled upon Lubos Motl's Reference Frame prior to finding CIP. But, again, I really can't recall exactly. Sorry. I wish I could remember exactly.

Thanks for asking anyway,
Rae Ann

Dear Vicious Momma,

I've heard that your views on Hillary have "softened". What's up with that? Are you becoming a lilly-ass liberal?

Say it ain't so,
A Concerned Conservative

Dear Concerned Conservative,

It ain't so... I'm most definitely not becoming a lilly-ass liberal. Maybe I'm just getting older and a little less vicious? Hillary is still much too socialist for me, but I have to admit that I do admire her strength and confidence. Her joke about "bad, evil men" was hilarious and I never assumed she was referring (only) to her husband. That's what makes a great joke, when it can have many levels of meaning. But don't make the mistake of thinking that because she can tell a funny joke is why my view has "softened." Her remaining relatively strong in her support for the military is a point in her favor, but if she starts that John Edwards style waffling (he must have learned well from his time with Kerry) she will lose all credibility with me. If she wants to appeal to the more conservative voters she must be consistent. I don't think it would be a disaster if she became President, at least not as much of a disaster as with any of the other Democratic candidates. My biggest concern with her as President would be her husband being in the White House again. I think it would be wise for her to keep him out of the White House as much as possible, especially away from the interns. Really, if you boil it down, Bill Clinton is Hillary's biggest detriment and liability, and not just because of his wayward tendencies.

Hope that helps,
A Kinder, Gentler Momma ;-)


Bee said...

There's no sense in telling me
The wisdom of a fool won't set you free
But that's the way that it goes
And it's what nobody knows
While every day my confusion grows

~ New Order, Bizzarre Love Triangle

Rae Ann said...

Hi Bee!

I almost used that song and those lyrics for yesterday's post, "Wicked Game."

The Guy said...

Hi Rae,

Off-topic for this post, but I just had to come back and thank you for the hilarious Charley Daniels rendition over at Lubos' I totally busted a gut laughing at that.

Have a great day.

dhammett said...

"I would require something more like a very complex and multidimensional love Calabi-Yau manifold." What does this English please? Are you flirting in quantum? I can't flirt back if I don't speak the language. :-(

I don't recall you softening your Shrillary stance. When did this happen? IMHO, she's an evil woman (and I use the word woman very loosely), certainly no better than any other crooked politician, and potentially incredibly dangerous as leader of the free world. When the Hilldebeast takes over, I take a page from the books of our recent Hollywood "heroes" and start looking overseas for a new home. Think France will take me? Oh wait, I can go over there, .357 in hand, and just take over. I feel much better now. :-)

Bee said...

regarding Oefelein, I wonder if you've seen The Astronaut's wife. I can't quite remember the details, but I liked the plot even though I thought it could have been more densely in some places.

Have a nice weekend!


Rae Ann said...

Hi Guy! Thanks! I really don't know exactly where that one came from... Sometimes it just happens that I get a pretty funny idea. I'm really glad that you got a good laugh out of it. Have a great weekend!

Dh, LOL, well, I can't really explain it but here's a link to the wiki article about it. It's all very much more theoretical than basic and tangible triangles and seemed more apt for my purposes. And you can flirt in any language you want. ;-) And really, as with most of the "chimerical" letters I'm being mostly facetious (about Shillary, etc.). And please don't go to France! Have a nice weekend.

Bee, yeah, I did see that a long time ago but I should watch it again because I've forgotten most of it. Have a great weekend too!

Kat said...

Real world, virtual world. I guess it's not so real. Feels real sometimes.

rafa said...

Dear Rae Ann

Regarding bizarre love triangles, technology and pre-digital online flirting.

In the early 70's I used to work as a telephone operator for a large corporation. The night shift did fit my needs perfectly. Almost no calls, so plenty of time for studying. Although the salary was very low the job wasn't demanding at all and I paid some university bills. Of course no digital technology, just old and huge switchboards with holes, lamps and buttons. Boring job. I had a colleague. He was desperately bored. He did not study and didn´t like reading.

He started one night, around 1 am, calling 2 random numbers from the city telephone listing. He said to both parties something like 'good evening, you've got a call, hold on please....ok, speak now'. Then he listened, waiting for the bizarre conversation between the two parties.

99.99999% of the calls, he reapeated that many times every night, ended abruptly with funny language between the two parties like *!@x¡ you son of a..! etc.

But, one night, just randomly, two people, a man and a woman engaged in a long conversation. They discovered many things in common. After more than 1 hour chatting they both wanted to fix an appointment. Suddenly they realized they did not know who was calling, only the first name, so the woman said 'ok. So then I will call you tomorrow at noon'. The man responded ' Yes please, my telephone number is..'(click)

My colleague cut the phone call.

Rae Ann said...

Hi Rafa!

That is a great story, except for the ending. ;-) I wonder if that man and woman ever found each other again. If not, maybe they have told that story many times to entertain their friends and family. By the way, I wish my keyboard had that upside down exclamation point. I always liked those and the upside down question marks too. :-)

Rae Ann said...

Kat, I agree with you. And I think that women probably are more likely to feel that way than men. I'm just guessing, but it sure seems like our emotions are more difficult to contain inside a computer.