Monday, June 20, 2011

Abundant Life

Last night I was watching the lightning bugs, and there were so many that they looked like the camera flashes in the stadium when the Superbowl Halftime Show begins. It was so surreal and beautiful that I found it difficult to keep looking.... it was like trying to look into the face of God.... a beauty so intense it might burn out my eyes.

The light show made me think about how abundant life is here and how it seems unfair that so many other parts of the world are dealing with death, destruction, and desolation. But I imagine that this is the natural ebb and flow of life around the globe. Sometimes I think that all those bugs flashing lights in the night are part of the tsunami of energy released into the world earlier this year. Everything is connected, right? And if the huge earthquake in Japan caused waves in groundwater thousands of miles away from it, then why couldn't all that energy vented from inside the earth have other waves of consequences across the planet?


Rae Ann said...

Other thoughts last night:

addiction is less a disease than just plain old gluttony

sometimes we need to establish a "family jail" where serious offenders are isolated - somewhat like the shunning that some groups practice

coveting is the source of all seven deadly sins and that's why it is forbidden in the Ten Commandments

our culture really needs to teach and practice the principles of the Ten Commandments - it can be done without forcing religion because even atheists need to keep something sacred (life, for example)

XtnYoda said...

Well ... there are evidently a lot of folks that don't hold life as being sacred. Like our newly conceived .... and now more and more our elderly.

Enjoyed you blog.

God Bless!