Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Timothy Geithner,

I've heard that you are having a lot of trouble finding people to work with/for you. While I have strong reservations and questions about you and your methods I would like to offer my services to the Treasury because I'm sure that I could bring some valuable and effective contributions to the work at hand. I am not an attorney nor an economist nor an accountant by official title or degrees, but I have many years of experience in the real life administration of a successful small business. And my salary/compensation requirements are quite reasonable... I would do the job for the cost of just one of Nancy Pelosi's private military jet trips home from DC. And it would be nice to get all the usual basic government employee benefits too.

I do have to say one other thing. My offer to work for the Treasury is null and void if it requires any kind permanent mark on my person that would indicate an allegiance to anyone or anything other than the United States Constitution and my God-given conscience. I hope that won't be an obstacle to your consideration.

Rae Ann McCurry

PS I don't have any unresolved tax issues and plan to file on time this year.


DHammett said...

Nice. In a past life, I did a protection detail for government executives. I'd officially like to volunteer my services in the event Mr. Geithner accepts your offer. I think this falls under the heading of usual basic government employee benefits. At your service, Madame Treasury Czar.

Rae Ann said...

Wow, cool! You're hired as soon as I am. :-)