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Civil War Diary, Part 1

We haven't been making great progress in cleaning out my dad's house. I keep getting caught up in looking at all the cool old stuff like photo albums, childhood artwork and schoolwork, and other family mementos. My dad collected lots of interesting old stuff and it's like going through a time capsule. The following is my great, great grandfather's (Lewis Samuel Clovis Howard, 1835-1897) diary (to be posted in parts due to its length) he kept while serving for the Union in the Civil War. I've linked relevant maps and other additional information and retained the original spellings, grammar, and punctuation.

I don't know why he served for the Union instead of joining the Rebels since Tennessee did secede from the Union. Maybe the Union paid better? ;-)

Daily Diary of L.S.C. Howard's Army Record
Sworn in 1861
Discharged 1864

August 10, 1861
Left Morgan County and marched by T. Staples and nine miles to the left of Huntsville and on by Montcella [sic] in Ky. Thence across the Cumberland River at the Horseshoe bend and through Jamestown. And on By Middleburg and by Danville, then to Camp Robinson, 210 miles

Arrived here 19 of Aug.
Volunteered 19th
Sworn in the 20th of August, 1861

October 20, 1861
Remained here until the 20 Oct. 1861, then we received orders to march to Camp Wildcat, 44 miles, which we made in two days and a night. Remained here till

October 28, 1861
Then we received orders to march to London, then according to orders marched to Camp Pittman.

October 29, 1861
Marched to London and remained there some time

December 7, 1861
Ordered to Somerset. Therefore as we marched on the 8th, we passed by Sublinity Spring on the Rockcastle River and on the 9th camped at Somerset.

December 15, 1861
Paid by the Government $40.95

January 19, 1862
A fight is commenced.

January 20, 1862
Victory Completed at Millsprings

January 22, 1862
Marched back to Somerset

January 26, 1862
Left Somerset 5 or 6 miles

February 2, 1862
Left London and marched in the direction of Cumberland Gap

February 4, 1862
Marched to Barbourville

February 12, 1862
Marched to Flatlick

February 15, 1862
Marched to the Cumberland foard

May 22, 1862
Paid $26 by the Government

June 7, 1862
Left the foard and camped at the Moss house.

June 11, 1862
Left the Moss house and marched through the big Creek Gap, then up Powells Valley to the Cumberland Gap the 18th of June

June 20, 1862
Marched to Tazwell 10 or 12 miles. Stayed near a day there then returned back to camps

June 28, 1862
Left Camps and marched to Capt. Mires 1 Regt. E.T. (1st Regiment East Tennessee Volunteers) then toward Knoxville to Kingkades an aid [sic] Rebels near the Clinch River then back to Camps. And crossed Powells R. at or near the Ledmind bend and here at the river we was fired on by the Rebels but we whipped them soon. then marched on to Camps

July 1, 1862
Arrived at Camps.

August 4, 1862
Appointed Corp. and sent to the Provost M.

August 14, 1862
Drummed out of the service one private from Co. "A", E. Tenn. Vols.

August 16, 1862
All moved up in the Gap.

September 16, 1862
Left the Pro. M.

September 17, 1862
17 day about midnight our Regiment left the Gap.

September 18, 1862
18th night camped at Flatlick.

September 20, 1862
Marched down Goose Creek below the saltworks near Manchester.

September 21, 1862
Rested in place until 9 in the evening then marched all that night and in the evening of the 22 we passed by what is called the Goss Spring. It is in Ousley County.

September 22, 1862
Camped on Indian Creek at Morises about 5 miles from where it empties into the south fork of the Ky. River.

September 23, 1862
Marched to Booneville, Ousley Co. by 1 o'clock in the evening then marched to Proctor, 10 miles by a little after day.

September 24, 1862
Rested till evening again then marched across the Ky. river below the fork then marched up the north fork. Taken the Hazlegreen Road at the McGuires Gap.

September 25 + 26, 1862
Marched and reached Hazlegreen 20 miles from McGuires Gap. Marched through Wolf Co.

September 27, 1862
Marched all day and near all night then took up at West liberty 15 miles

September 28, 1862
Rested in place all that day

September 29, 1862
Marched 21 miles adn late in the evening teh bush whackers fired on our skirmishers.

September 30, 1862
Marched in 12 miles of Grayson, Carter County on the head of little Sandy where the cliffs begin to set in and where the bush whackers fired on us again.

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