Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take a Bow, Say Goodbye

Just as I did ten years ago when I performed this tribute, I've decided to overcome my critical self-consciousness and share this video:


Anonymous said...

This made me cry.

You are so beautiful and awesome--as is your love for your mom and dad.

Your exquisite sense of rhythm and your natural sense of grace shine brightly in this video.



ell said...

oh my gosh, Rae Ann, this is gorgeous! I hope you're still skating.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing, Rae Ann! I really hope you find the time to keep skating - you have a talent, girl! I also loved watching your dad's performance, I guess grace runs in your family. Thank you for sharing these family tributes with all of us.


mr_g said...

Wow....just looked at that and your dad's video. Two very powerful tributes. I had no idea you had this "hidden" talent!

Been away a while - sorry to hear about your dad's passing. Hope you're well.


Rae Ann said...

ellen, thank you so much! You always make me feel better.

ellipsis, thanks! No I haven't skated since 1998. But now I'm seriously thinking of doing it again. My daughter especially wants to do it too.

Ann, thanks! I'm so glad that I had my dad's performance on video. My mom skated a little too, and my sister also. It was a good way for all of us to spend time together growing up.

Mr. G, thanks, I hope you're doing okay! Yeah, life has been pretty hard over the last half year or so but I'm doing alright. Glad to see you around!