Monday, March 17, 2008

Cancer Sucks

Sorry for the long silence. It's been a busy time and I just haven't felt up to saying much here. My dad is getting radiation treatments daily for the next two weeks and chemo once a week. After the radiation they will probably increase the chemo but we are keeping options open. Right now, the chemo is a low dose of Taxol and Carboplatin. On Friday this week they will do a CT scan to see if the tumor is responding to the treatments. Well, 'needless to say' (I'm violating my personal aversion to and prohibition of that phrase) it's very difficult to see my dad so ill. It's especially hard for David because he and my dad are very close and it's been less than a year since his dad died. Sometimes life punches us in the nuts.


dhammett said...

Obviously (I'm violating my personal aversion to and prohibition of that opener ;-) ), take all the time away from here that you need, Rae Ann. Just know that there are those of us out here who care about you and are praying for you and your family. And, we're here with an ear for you if you need that, as well.

Anonymous said...

(I've tried to post this message yesterday, and it didn't indicate it had gone into the queue - very sorry if I'm repeating a post to you.)

Hi Rae Ann, so sorry to hear about your dad - my wonderful, wonderful father-in-law passed away about 7 years ago from lung cancer - he, too, was a lifelong smoker (a North Carolinian). My husband was very close to his dad - and it was truly a hard time. But his father made some personal choices about what types of treatment he would and would not go through, and we all respected what he chose. And, Rae Ann, people do beat this disease - the treatments are evolving all the time, every year the options are different and changing. Don't lose hope, and whatever happens, you and yours seem like a strong family and are really there for each other. This is true of my husband's family also, and it really makes a difference. Know that my prayers and love are being sent your way.


Rae Ann said...

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers. Sorry for not being able to respond more quickly.