Monday, July 02, 2007

Electric Hoe

Black and Decker has made a cordless electric hoe (cultivator).

I suppose now all of us old-fashioned types are really becoming obsolete. Well, lately it appears to be a real trend since my husband also seems to wish I was newer and more electrically charged. Maybe I should buy him this vibrating hoe for his birthday in a few days. ;-)


Bee said...

not entirely sure why, but it reminds me of that old joke:

Why do women need men? - Because a vibrator can't mow the lawn.


The Guy said...

Funny how somethings can't really be improved upon. This "hoe" by black and decker looks fine for many things, but in refining it they removed the vast multiplicity that is an inherent dynamic in the traditional hoe. Just today I used my hoe for chopping hills to plant pumpkins, killing weeds, cultivating soil, moving irrigation trenches, the list would go on far too long. Like the bottle opener and the sledge hammer, a hoe has only 1 moving part: itself. It never needs recharging and only goes off warranty when its handle breaks.]

Hey Bee, why do men need women? Because a vacuum cleaner can't do the dishes?