Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Mary Winkler's trial has begun. Jury selection was completed today and the opening statements are expected tomorrow.

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All charges have been dropped against the Duke Lacrosse team members who were falsely accused of rape by a black stripper. I hope that Al Sharpton and others who have severely criticized Don Imus will demand and offer formal apologies to these young men whose lives have been ruined by false accusations and blatantly harmful racism against them. Sure, the Rutgers women's basketball team is allowed to have hurt feelings over being called "nappy-headed hos" (not hoes), and Imus' comment was terrible. But the magnitude of it is minuscule in comparison to the racial hatred those young white men have suffered. I'm just trying to put a little perspective on this issue.

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dhammett said...

As I read this, I'm listening to Jason Whitlock, a black, nationally prominent sports columnist tell radio listeners that Jackson and Sharpton ought not to represent the black community any longer, should stop the profiteering and that Jackson should apologize to the Duke lacrosse team. He said the team, who have faced indictment for over a year, have suffered much more than the Rutgers women's basketball team did after Imus' comments. He's also said that the rap community needs to address the same issues that Imus is being called on the carpet for.

Imus got what he deserved. Hopefully, this will be the catalyst that will encourage all of us to think before we speak.